We know how important it is for our clients to have total confidence in our partnership. Prelude Events is precisely about giving you that assurance.
Because we all own part of the company, we take immeasurable pride in our services. What we do is not just a job to us, it’s part of our lives, guaranteeing you great work ethic, flexibility and availability no matter what time zone you are in. Discover our core team.


Wendy Von Fries

President – Partner

First generation American born to a Swedish father and Basque mother, her childhood was spent surrounded by multiple languages and heavy accents. Her work is her passion.

Wendy has worked exclusively in events and hospitality since her first internship at the age of 19. Her career consists of Director of Marketing and Sales for the Leading Hotels of the World in Scandinavia, and Account Executive for Maritz Travel Company based in St. Louis, managing corporate incentives primarily for IT and pharmaceutical companies in a span of 20 years.  Wendy is the founder of Paris Prelude and co-founder of Prelude Events. She is also the Co-founder and Co-inventor of two international applications in the travel / event planning industry.

Wendy is a savant in the events industry. Although she claims that she is always learning, we often say that she has seen it all.  Her keen solution orientated personality smoothes the way for many seemingly impossible opportunities.

What you didn’t know about Wendy:  she is a former athlete with California state titles in both Gymnastics and Track & Field. Her high school records remain unbroken in the 400 meters.


Anne-Laure Sauvage Cayrol

General Manager – Partner

Anne-Laure was born from a French father and Mauritian mother.  The culture mix made her an early globetrotter and she was only 14 when she left her family to spend a year in the USA as an exchange student.  At 30, she made one of her dreams come true and took a year off to travel around the world.

Formerly in marketing and brand management, Anne Laure ‘s experience offers our clients additional advantages in reaching their objectives while implementing marketing campaigns/events and product launches in Spain.

With extraordinary organizational skills, Anne Laure manages our event schedules and keeps our general operations running smoothly, enabling our team to perform at optimum productivity throughout the year.

What you didn’t know about Anne-Laure:  her childhood passion was ballet dancing, and as an adolescent she danced musicals.  She also loves singing, and surprised many when she performed solo at her own wedding!


Analisa Millan

Global Event manager – Partner

Analisa grew up in the UK from Spanish parents.  It was upon graduating from her degree in European Business that Analisa stepped foot in the vibrant city of Barcelona and immediately knew it was the perfect place to establish herself.

Brought up in the catering industry, Analisa knows how to bring people together to enjoy unique experiences, always leaving a sweet taste behind.  Formerly in sales and marketing, she quickly identifies clients event objectives in order to fully meet all requirements. Managing high profile accounts with meticulous detail and creativity, Analisa always strives for complete customer satisfaction on every event she manages be it small or large.

Analisa’s calm and intelligent nature keeps up the moral even in the most stressful and fast paced environments.

What you didn’t know about Analisa: her dog’s name is not really Max but Wimax… but she insists she’s not a geek!


Nuria Lluch Robert

Global Event manager – Partner

Nuria fell in the events cooking pot when she was only a few months old.  Part of a large family, all of whom are passionate about movies and musicals, Nuria turned her young eye on the small details and production value of set locations, lighting, décor, and their importance in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. This became a passion all her own.

Nuria combines 15 years event management experience with a degree in Tourism and Business Management and a Diploma in Social Cultural Animation.  Thirsty for diversity and new challenges, Nuria has worked on various corporate, private and cultural projects in Spain, Italy, Holland and the USA. Now settled in Barcelona, Nuria thrives on offering the best experiences her home land has to offer, constantly researching the up and coming trends and sensations so that our clients can fully enjoy Catalonia.

Nuria’s creativity combined with her empathy with our clients make her an essential piece of the Prelude puzzle.

What you didn’t know about Nuria:  Nuria is a film-shooting-location-search-enthusiast.  She will rarely consider a place for holiday if it doesn’t offer a film shooting location.


Bertrand Rispal

Operations manager

Bertrand, also known as “Bear” was born in the Pyrenees of France, and lived most of his adolescent and adult life in Paris. An only child, and the only son born in 6 generations, he spent his childhood adored by 3 aunts and 6 cousins (all girls).

Bertrand’s education in IT makes him a natural organizer, compartmentalizing variables like it is nobody’s business.

With his constant sunny disposition (it is impossible to share any amount of time with Bertrand without hearing his unabashed laughter), he has become one of our most requested onsite operations managers. We have never seen him stressed! As bus companies and airports have gone on strike in the middle of programs, Bertrand manages to smile and find solutions without a hitch.

What you didn’t know about Bertrand: he would work for free if he were only well fed and offered a few geek gadgets once in a while…


Ines Filsack

Event planner  

Ines grew up in the French region of Alsace.  After brilliantly concluding her studies, she decided to complete a post graduate in Chile where she discovered a real taste for foreign cultures and experiences.

Ines has a genuine passion for event planning and has taken part in organizing touristic, cultural, associative and sporting programs in many different countries like New Zealand, Germany and Spain.

Ines brings the average Prelude age down about 10 years!!!  Her energy and adamant good spirits are always a welcome addition to our enthusiastic team.

What you didn’t know about Ines:  she has a passion for rugby and survived an earthquake… she’s a toughy!